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Name:Terez Firewoman Hartmann
Company:Allowing Your Success & Beyond!, LLC
Title:Allowing Your Success & Beyond!, LLC
Address:Fawn Lake
Country:United States of America
Phone No:7276878219
Cell No:7276878219
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Terez Firewoman Hartmann
Terez Firewoman: Your Catalyst for all things Fab-YOU-lous!
Terez "Firewoman" Hartmann, President of Allowing YOUR Success & BEYOND!, LLC

"Your Catalyst for all-things Fab-YOU-lous" offers Courses + Coaching + Concerts + Content for Moving Onward, Upward & Forward, Allowing YOUR Success & Living LIFE on FIRE!
  • Innovative and Life-Changing Online COURSES include:

    -Onward, Upward & Forward Master Class
    Get UN-stuck & move forward beyond grief, anxiety, depression, major life changes, and complacency to productivity, well-being, focus, and RESULTS

    -Focus Mastery & Breakthrough Life Coach Certification

    Open a new stream of income helping yourself and others move Onward, Upward & Forward (Contains all "Onward, Upward & Forward" course material + Coaching tools, forms, templates & certification)

    -Law of Attraction & Allowing YOUR Success Master Class

    Discover advanced concepts, little known secrets, and powerful tools for TRULY Attracting/Manifesting and Allowing (aka actually RECEIVING) your intentions, dreams, and visions + mindfulness, stress relief, and ideas to start enjoying life more NOW

    -Law of Attraction & Allowing Your Success Life Coach Certification

    Open a new stream of income helping yourself and others learn and apply the REAL secret to Attracting/Manifesting and Allowing with ease, flow and fun! (Contains all "Law of Attraction & Allowing YOUR Success Master Class")

    -Attracting Authentic Relationships & Allowing True Love Life Coach Certification

    Open a new stream of income helping yourself and others manifest & allow your IDEAL romantic relationship, amazing friendships, and like-minded business partners & team members + discover MEGA clarity about who YOU truly are, what YOU truly want, while building confidence & enjoying life more fully 

    + Learn from a couple who have been "Allowing True Love" for over 22 years

    Coming in May 2023!

  • Results-oriented Individual & Group Life COACHING experiences include:

    -Law of Attraction & Allowing YOUR Success Coaching

    -Onward, Upward & Forward - Focus Mastery & Breakthrough Life Coaching

    -Attracting Authentic Relationships & Allowing True Love Coaching

  • CONCERTS to educate, elevate, and celebrate LIFE!

    -"Jazz, Blues & Beyond!" Concert (1.5 - 3 hour show)

    Celebrate the founding mothers & fathers of jazz & blues + the artists inspired by them & discover many unknown stories behind the music!

    -"100 Years of Music" Concert ( 2.5 - 3.5 hour show)

    Take a musical tour that honors many of the greatest artists, musicians & songwriters who ever lived from the 1920s - today!

    -Themed Good Vibe Concerts/DJ

    Solo/DJ to 6+ member band sharing popular & original music experiences to fire up your team, celebrate a milestone or bring a fun themed event to life!

    Some of our existing themes include both concerts above plus:

    Cinco de Mayo/Latin Music Celebration
    (Latin-themed music featuring Latin percussion)

    Disco/70s Night

    Crazy for the 80s

    Reggae, Tropical, Beach Party

    Peace, Love & Music! Songs of the 1960s

    90s to NOW dance party

    Jazz, Soul & Motown

    Rock of Ages (rock from the 1950s - today)

    Classic Rock & Country Jam

    Beautiful, Wild & Free
    Earth Day/Nature-Themed Concert featuring popular & original songs to honor Nature & our amazing Animals

    Success Jam!
    Positive, good-vibe, energizing music to fire up your team

    + Your Great Ideas!

  • CONTENT & Experiences:

    Speaking, Writing, Videos, Retreats & More to Empower, Inspire & Entertain Include:

  • High-Energy, Inspiring, Unique Keynotes/Edu-tainment
    -Get Moving! Productivity & Focus NOW
    -History UP-Cycled
    -The Power of FOCUS: Focus is EVERYTHING
    -The Power of Presence & Mindfulness
    -THE Secret to Manifesting ANYTHNG
    -The Power of Music
    -Falling Forward
    -Allowing True Love: Love your SELF, Love Your
     Relationships, Love Your LIFE!
    -Allowing Health, Fitness & Well-Being
    -Allowing Solutions
    -Express to INCREASE: Allowing Constructive and
     Productive Expression
    -And many more powerful topics
    -All Keynote presentations include live music to inspire,
     motivate, elevate and celebrate

  • Author of three Books
    -Allowing YOUR Success!
    -Transform Your Life!
    -Transform Your Life! Book Two

  • Monthly Contributing Writing with Transformation Magazine since 2012

  • "Good Vibe Fire Tribe" YouTube Channel Series includes:

    Unscripted series featuring hidden gem trails/parks + insights for Allowing Success & moving Onward, Upward & Forward

    #Firewoman Music
    Original music & live performance videos

    Comedy & savoring craft beer/ciders/wine

  • Workshop Facilitator
    -Specialist in "Allowing TRUE LOVE!" for busy people,
     creatives, and passionately focused individuals
    -All keynotes available as interactive workshops
    -Many more topics available

  • "Allowing Adventures!" & "Savor-Vacation" Facilitator, Planner and Host specializing in creating custom retreats and extraordinary experiences in: 
    -Sedona, AZ
    -Asheville, NC
    -Santa Fe & Taos, NM
    -Kauai, HI
    -Gulf Beaches, FL

  • Singer-Songwriter, Recording/Performing Artist, MC
    -Music to Inspire, Motivate, Elevate & Celebrate
    -Professional, high-energy, engaging MC
  • Voice-Over Artist & MC
    -Custom jingles & specialty music for radio, ad
     campaigns, audio books & products, videos, special
     events, milestones and more
    -Voice-over artist for radio show/professional audio
     program introductions, commercials, narration, reading
     of audio books, special character voices and more

  • Certified "Belly Core Fitness" Instructor
    -Dance/fitness experiences for body and spirit
    -Women's empowerment through dance
    -Styles include Belly Dance, Bollywood, Bhangra, Latin,
     Burlesque & Beyond

  • Percussionist and Drum-Circle Facilitator
    -Drumming for Energy
    -Drumming for Cooperation
    -Drumming for Well-Being

  • Honors/Awards Include:
    -Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year nominee
    -"Moxy Woman" Award Recipient
    -"Dream Achiever" Award Recipient
    -"Amazing Woman of the Year"
Speaker/Presenter/Workshop/Retreat Facilitator Credits Include:

  • Progress Energy Center for the Arts,
    Women Taking Care of the World Conference
    Keynote Speaker

  • The Amazing Woman/The Amazing Woman Success Network
    Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performances

  • Xerox Tampa
    Keynote Speaker

  • Suncoast Soutions National Users Conference
    Keynote Speaker

  • FNI Tampa Bay
    Keynote Speaker

  • Transformation Magazine/Transformation Publishing
    (multiple events)
    Workshop Facilitator, Musical Performance

  • Carnival Cruise Lines
    "Networking on the Water" cruise
    Keynote Speaker, MC, Event Coordinator,Musical performances

  • Serenity Now
    Workshop Facilitator

  • UU of Clearwater & Tampa
    Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performances

  • Temple of the Living God, St. Petersburg
    Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performances

  • The Village Mystic
    Workshop Facilitator, Musical Performance

  • Retreat Facilitator, Event and Travel Coordinator, Workshop Facilitator, Music Performances in:
    -Sedona, AZ (multiple)
    -Asheville, NC
    -Santa Fe & Taos, NM
    -Gulf Beaches, FL
    -Kauai, HI (October 2015)
  • And many more

Vocalist/Musician/Entertainer/DJ/MC Credits Include:

  • Coca-Cola (Corporate Village, Superbowl XXXV)

  • Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

  • Busch Gardens, Tampa

  • Universal Studios, FL

  • The Florida Aquarium

  • T-Mobile National Convention

  • Hard Rock Hotel Casino (multiple events/venues)

  • The Blue Martini (all Florida locations)

  • Women Taking Care of Music Conference, The Palladium, St. Pete, FL

  • Pioneer Days Concert Series, Englewood, FL

  • Healing in the Harbor Festival/Concert Series, Safety Harbor, FL

  • Jackson's Harbor Island

  • The Fox, Tampa

  • First Friday Concert Series, St. Petersburg, FL

  • Third Friday Concert Series, City of Safety Harbor

  • Baywalk Concert Series, St. Pete

  • Centro Ybor Concert Series, Tampa

  • Treasure Island Tennis & Yacht Club (Club TI)

  • DeBartelo Development

  • ASI

  • Tina Turner, Sting, Moody Blues, Dolly Parton pre-Concert parties

  • Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs at numerous locations including
    -The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota
    -The Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota
    -The Renaissance Vinoy, St. Pete
    -The Don CeSar, St. Pete
    -The Renaissance Marriott, International Plaza
    -The Powell Crosley Mansion, Sarasota

  • First Unity of St. Petersburg (Transformation publishing events) MC and Musical Performance

  • Unity of Sarasota (Transformation publishing event)
    MC and Musical Performance

  • Mad Hatter's Charity Ball

  • Night of 5000 Charity Ball

  • The Privateers

  • NFL Legend John Madden's Retirement Party including a performance with "E-Street Band" member Nils Lofgren

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneer Ronde Barber's 20/20 Record-Breaking party

  • Donatello Tampa

  • The Sandpearl Resort & Spa, Clearwater Beach

  • Clearwater Yacht Club

  • Bradenton Country Club

  • Cove Communities

  • City of Safety Harbor/Safety Harbor Library

  • Powerstories Theater - Composed original score for the musical, "Raising Twelve on a Nickle & a Prayer"

  • Original Song, "My Holiday" featured in the film, "Chasing Happiness"

  • Original Song, "Welcome Change" featured as the theme song for Change Thrivers Radio

  • Original Song, "Beautiful, Wild & Free" featured on Netflix Series with over 67 million views

  • And many more venues, clients & events

7 Minute Strategy Session:

How can I be catalyst for Fab-YOU-lous success, relationships or wellness?  What solutions and results would you like to create for your organization, group or team?  Call or e-mail me today.  If Iā€™m not available, please leave a message saying you would like to schedule a ā€œ7 Minute Strategy Session.ā€

727-687-8219 or

For more about Terez Firewoman and all available products & services, visit:
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